Welcome to the Cardon Families Organization

This Website is dedicated to Martha Marie Tourn and Philip Cardon, their ancestors and descendants. It was derived from www.thecardonfamilies.org, which no longer exists on the web.

The photos in the banner at the top of the screen are of Philip and what is believed to be Martha Marie Cardon. Throughout the website you will see different spellings of their names. While living in Italy, they were known as 'Philippe' and 'Marthe'. Their grave marker in Logan, Utah, says he is 'Philip Cardon' and she is 'Martha M. Tourn Cardon'.

In Italy they spoke a Gallo-Romance language known as Franco-Provencal which is not to be confused with Provencal, a dialect of the Occitan language spoken in Provence. Prarustin is both the Franco-Provencal and Occitan language name for a municipality in the province of Turin, Italy known as Prarostino. After they migrated to America in 1854, they learned English.

The background photo in the banner was taken in September, 2010 overlooking the Cardon Borgata, where they lived, near Prarostino, Italy. This was probably a view seen by Philip many times in his youth. To get to their small collection of homes known as a borgata, start in the parking lot of the Trattoria Piani and walk up the road to Cardoni. Click on this Cardon Borgata link to see a map of the area.

The green backgrounds and borders of the pages are the same as the leaves on the tree behind their photos.

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