Papers and Reports on Cardon Family History and Genealogy

Thomas B. Cardon Italian Book of Mormon Donated to the LDS Church for the Rome Temple Visitors Center

PFO Reports (Piedmont Families Organzation Reports)

These are the reports about the research being done based on research of original public Italian records. Click on the title above for a listing of available reports

The Search for Jean Cardon

by Marriner Cardon, for the 1977 Louis Paul Cardon family reunion.

Cardons! Descendants of Philippe Cardon and Marthe Marie Tourn 1799-1986

Compiled by Genevieve Porter Johnson and Edna Cardon Taylor

Highlights from the Life of Louis Philippe Cardon

A report presented by Louis Bellamy Cardon at the 2011 Cardon Families Reunion.

The Italian Mission by Lorenzo Snow

Italy North Edition July 10, 1974 is a photo-offset reproduction of the original edition published at Liverpool in 1851

Brief Outline of Waldensian History

Extracted from the Boyd Cardon 2005 Reunion Presentation

Cardon Family Letters

Compilied by Brookie Cardon Peterson

Cardon History

By Edith Cardon Thatcher

Waldensian Cardon Timeline

Prepared by Becky Smith for the 2014 Tour of the Piedmont Valleys

Madeline's Dream

excerpt from November 1971 Friend magazine

Outline of Waldensian History

author unknown

Philippe Cardon - Baptism and Ordinations Dates and the Three Visitors

by Craig A. Cardon

The Vaudois of the Alpine Valleys and Their Contribution to Utah and Latter-Day Saint History

By Archibald F. Bennett

The Vaudois Revisitd

By Archibald F. Bennett

Pope Francis Asks Forgiveness

"Like the Rose in the Wilderness": The Mormon Mission in the Kingdom of Sardinia

By Michael W. Homer

Mormon Settlements In Mexico

By Richard A. SchwartzLose 1952

Mormon Waldensians

By Diane Stokoe

The Gentleman Historian: A Conversation with Larry C. Porter

Interview by Kyle R. Walker

Published in Mormon Historical Studies

Whence & Whither

Origins and Descendants of Michael and Marianne Beus
By H. Lynn Beus with Charlotte Gunnell

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